Encouraging the next generation to get involved and work together to make a difference.

Team Angelicvm (Patch)


In 2007, Gerardo Rocha, President of Inversiones Angelicvm, was introduced to the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. He saw this contest as a great opportunity to explore the private aerospace industry and discover alternative options of development for humanity since literally, the sky is the limit! He decided to create a team that would enter the competition, and in 2010 Team Angelicvm officially joined GLXP.


The main purpose of Team Angelicvm is to build a rover that will land on the surface of the Moon, comply with the competition requirements, and broadcast back to Earth a high definition music video that carries a message of faith, hope, peace and unity to the world. It is our hope that this message will reach across the globe and impact all of humanity for the better. We want to create awareness of the problems that we face as a global community, and encourage the new generations to get involved and work together to make a difference. If we win the competition, we are hoping to use the prize money to continue supporting our cause of exploration, hope and unity; creating a movement that will outlive the competition and reach each and every heart.





Born and raised in Chile, Gerardo is the founder of Team Angelicvm and second team leader between the years 2012 and 2014. He strongly believes in the idea that you can find an economic solution to space travel, by a combination of commercial efforts, scientific research, development objectives and perseverance in projects with large-scale challenges under strong convictions. Currently he is the president of Angelicvm, the main company that supports the participation of the team in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition.

Mauricio Guerrero


Team Leader

Mauricio is a 6 time Grammy Award winning producer/engineer. A Chilean native who moved to Los Angeles, California in early 1988, he’s been involved in countless music productions ranging from Phil Collins, Beyoncé, Shakira, Gloria Estefan and Plácido Domingo among others. In 2012, Mauricio was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the prestigious Shepherd University in Los Angeles, California. Currently, he is the head of the Production and Recording Arts Department at said University. Based on his spiritual beliefs and convictions, Mauricio wants to leave a legacy of faith, hope, peace, and unity to the coming generations. For that reason, he joined Team Angelicvm, and he is focused on putting together a team of young and talented people that are actively working towards a better future for our hurting world.

Jaime Robles


Head of Engineering

Jaime Robles is an aeronautical and aerospace engineer graduated from the Universidad de Concepción, Chile. He has spent his life gathering a theoretical and practical set of skills suitable for the space technology, aiming to be a pioneer in the field. Having been involved with the team since its beginnings in competition, he has performed multiple tasks ranging from the design of the rover, and management support, to the development of R&D facilities and outreach activities. At date, being the Head of Engineering of the team, he leads the technological developments of Angelicvm, pushing the barriers for affordable access to space exploration.

Daniel Furukawa II


Director, Multimedia

Daniel is a Los Angeles based creative consultant and award winning filmmaker. He grew up in Orlando, Florida, surrounded by artists of all different disciplines. His father, an architectural designer, laid a solid foundation for pursuing a career in art. Though he works with multiple mediums including print, motion graphics and environmental design, his greatest passion is storytelling through film. His most recent work, What Showers Bring, won the award for Best Film at the 168 Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

Paul Sutin


Financial Advisor & European Liaison

Paul Sutin, Swiss/English Music and TV producer and recording specialist. He has written and arranged over 100 songs and sound tracks over 35 years. Sutin created his first studio and mobile recording facility in 1986, and by 2004 he founded a world-class “Hi-Resolution” recording studio and entertainment center, which is now known as “Legend Studios”, in Gland, Switzerland. Today Paul Sutin has combined all of these activities in the Legend Foundation that brings together the world of performing arts with philanthropy and social responsibility.

Quique Rivera


Animator, Stop Motion

Quique Rivera is a Puerto Rican artist and award winning filmmaker. His interest in diverse forms of fine arts, led him to start experimenting and teaching himself stop-motion animation, a discipline where sculpture, photography and storytelling would come together into what has become his art medium of choice. Rivera holds an MFA degree in Experimental Animation at CalArts where he received the LAIKA Annual Scholarship 2013-2014 and was a member of the 2013 CILECT Awards Selection Comitee. His films have been screened at multiple festivals internationally including Ottawa International Animation Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Slamdance, New Orleans Film Festival, Cinefiesta, Raindance, Moscow International Film Festival, New Filmmakers LA and the Havana Film Festival. He was also a juror for the Animation category at the New Orleans Film Festival 2013.

Danny Caudillo


Webmaster & Social Networking Manager

Danny has over 15 years of experience in graphic design, print and web development. His true love and passion is to help develop and sustain a brand. Everything from a logo to t-shirts, Danny enjoys seeing a clean, concise, coherent brand that spans across all mediums. Danny has a insatiable need to continually learn and analyze market trends, design techniques and web practices.

Sebastian Guerrero


Media Host & Songwriter

Sebastian has worked in the singing and voice over industry for many years. His credits include vocal work and on screen appearances in big productions like Sour Punch Straws, Disney’s Handy Manny, Freedom Writers, Seven Pounds, and more in both the English and Spanish market. He has worked on different projects alongside amazing international producers/artists like Will.I.Am, John Legend, Will Smith, Xuxa, just to name a few. Sebastian has also sung in the 2014 Super Bowl Halftime Show with Bruno Mars.

Chaniece Penn


Media Host

Chaniece is a full time college student, currently working towards a degree in Occupational Therapy with a minor in American Sign Language. She is also a collegiate Volleyball player with a part time coaching job at Los Angeles Volleyball Academy; where she can share her passion and knowledge for the sport with the youth of her community. Her lively spirit and contagious positive energy make her a great addition to Team AngelicvM as co-host of our various audiovisual presentations.

Ian Houser


Designer, 3D Animation & Motion Graphics

Ian is a five-tool designer & editor. He has a deep passion for motion design, 3D animation, video editing, graphic design, web design and technology. Ian has over seven years professional design experience, in team environments as well as freelance. He has been able to develop and refine a broad rage of skills- from directing live events, to creating long from 3d animations, to working on television promos for major networks.

Mauricio Guerrero Jr


Music Supervisor

Mauricio Jr. is a young, energetic musician who is full of life and has years of experience in the professional setting. He has played and recorded guitar alongside some of the greatest musicians in the world including, but not limited to, Tim Pierce, Gregg Bisonette, Abe Laboriel, Alex Acuña and Otmaro Ruiz. He has been involved with many productions composing and playing in all different styles ranging from RnB, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Funk, and Hip-Hop. Inspired by Team AngelicvM’s mission he wants to help in any way he can to make the world a better place for generation to come.

Kyle Welch



Kyle currently serves as a pastor, researcher, and screenwriter. He originates from the cornfields of Illinois, but after a long drive to the gorgeous coast of California, he hasn’t left since. Most recently, he has survived cancer and married the love of his life. Since he joined Team AngelicvM, he has been scripting our audiovisual material, putting into words the message that defines Team AngelicvM’s mission.

Isaias Elpes


Songwriter/Music Arranger

At 29 years old, Isaias has amassed a wide array of credits having played with some of the best and most recognizable names around the world. Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, he moved to Sao Paolo where he thrived in the Brazilian Jazz scene.  Since his move to L.A., he’s been producing his own music, currently being distributed around Asia. In his latest production he’s partnering with Jimmy Branly. He plays regularly at multiple venues around the Los Angeles area. Isaias is thankful for the opportunity to work with such amazing and talented people, and believes whole-heartedly in Team AngelicvM’s mission.

Jonathan Montes


Project Coordinator

Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, Jonathan completed his studies at the prestigious Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and Shepherd University. He has performed and recorded with world renowned artists such as All 4 One, Carlos Vives, Cheo Feliciano, Gilberto Santa Rosa, as well as composing and producing music for the award winning television series ‘Jane the Virgin’. Jonathan has also performed on the Latin Grammy’s and various Music Festivals throughout the world. He joined Team AngelicvM the summer of 2014 as the project coordinator.

Mirco Pecorari


Head of Product Design & Development

Mirco Pecorari is an Italian designer. Born in Modena, the land of fast cars and great food, he studied at Ferrari’s School and at 20 years old he founded AircraftStudioDesign – redefining in a few years the concept of aircraft liveries with worldwide success. Working for customers all over the world, he has created designs for private pilots, professionals (aerobatic teams, etc.), and corporations. He later expanded his skills and business to aviation corporate brand and communication. In the last ten years his brand developed further to 360° design, ranging from luxury and hi-tech products to innovative car, boat and aircraft. He is responsible for Uni’s fun and hip look.

Maurizio Cheli



Maurizio is an Italian Air Force officer, a European Space Agency astronaut, and a veteran of one NASA space shuttle mission. A native of Modena, Maurizio attended the Italian Air Force Academy and trained as a test pilot at the Empire Test Pilots’ School, England, being awarded the McKenna Trophy as the best student on his course. He studied geophysics at the University of Rome La Sapienza and earned a master’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Houston. He then trained with the United States Air Force and was selected as an astronaut candidate by the European Space Agency in 1992. He holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Italian Air Force. He flew aboard STS-75 in 1996 as a mission specialist. That same year he joined Alenia Aeronautica, and two years later he became Chief Test Pilot for combat aircraft. His last test program was for the Eurofighter Typhoon. Maurizio Cheli has more than 380 hours of space activity and more than 4500 flying hours on more than 50 different aircraft types. He is married to fellow former ESA astronaut Marianne Merchez. We are honored to have him as a member of Team AngelicvM.

Jorge Lagos


Logistics Coordinator

Born and raised in Chile, he is a retired officer from the Chilean navy, where he worked for 28 years, specializing in Telecommunications. He began working with Team AngelicvM in November of 2010, excelling in administrative and personnel management, becoming a fundamental element of support for the organization. At Team AngelicvM, he has worked as General Coordinator, and currently he holds the position of Logistics Coordinator. He was responsible for the success of Chile’s efforts to host the GLXP Summit in 2013, and its subsequent implementation. His motto is “Life is made of dreams and a conviction is to believe in them so that they can be achieved.”

Benjamin Corrrea


Advisor, Message & Purpose

Lawyer by profession, his career has been determined by his interest in social issues. For eight years, he was a councilor of Maipu, a popular commune of Santiago, Chile. He was invited to participate in the Saint Thomas University of Chile, where he held the position of General Secretary, besides having created its Public Center for Inovation, which aimed to develop and promote social projects with high public impact. He also was Executive Director of the AngelicvM Foundation, and in the context of the Team AngelicvM project, he is contributing as an adviser for the construction of the message that will be broadcasted from the moon.

Armando Azua


Adviser, Field Tests & Outreach

Dr. Azua holds a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. He also has an MSc in Biochemistry and a MSc in Biological Sciences. For over ten years, he’s been investigating the forms of life in the most extreme environments for life on Earth as an approximation to the possibility of finding life elsewhere in the universe. He’s involved in several projects in collaboration with NASA, among others, sending a micro-greenhouse to Mars as part of the previous steps for the colonization of the red planet. As one of the first and most important promoters of Astrobiology in Chile, he has been part of the team since its inception by performing multiple tasks in the scientific field.

Cristobal Urzua


Game Developer

Cristobal is a lifelong gamer, dedicated to explore and research the video game industry. Combining his vast knowledge of a game’s creative process and his experience as a consumer, he is prepared to develop and deliver not only a simple game, but also a full fledged piece of entertainment that will become Team AngelicvM’s first introduction to the highly competitive world of video games. He is relocating to Los Angeles, California in order to continue furthering his knowledge and insertion into the gaming industry.